Aug 12, 2013

Hi !
Enjoying rather a quiet week before new challenges ... So, will try to post some pics of my last "art and craft" works.
I've had some birthdays to celebrate in the family this summer, and wanted to keep in touch with dear old friends too. 
I didn't have any idea of what i was going to do, but as i was finally preparing simple little cards, i found myself making small boxes instead, aimed at containing all my love and hugs ! 
And, living by the seaside, i naturally filled my boxes with little "fish cards".
So, here are my little fortune-teller fish in their small fish-boxes, hope you'll enjoy them (some more pics  to come soon).


Jun 10, 2013

Topsy-Turvy Times !!!!

Hi everyone !
Hoping art activities have kept you all busy and happy since my last post. 
I must say life has been kind of topsy-turvy for me, throughout 2012 as well as since the beginning of 2013 ...
Lots of health problems and the moving in our new home postponed until next fall ... do hope it won't be later ...
So, i post these little pics today, just to try and keep in touch before better times and art experiments.
Hope you'll enjoy them, 
really glad to be back among you all,


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