Dec 24, 2011

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year !!!!
Hope we'll have tons of paintings and sketchings to share, along with friendship, tips and wonderful artistic news :)

Dec 8, 2011

Last sketches !

Watercolor on very cheap drawing paper.
Hi everyone ! 
I've been very busy these times preparing my next moving in, so couldn't paint and draw as i would have liked to ... But here are some new sketches, no peculiar theme or challenge, hope you'll enjoy.
I've been willing to say for some time already, that i'm using very cheap drawing paper, bought at the supermarket, to sketch and even watercolor. It's not always the case, but i've got to these weeks, and i find it's quite convenient to lead (risky) experiments !
That way, i never fear to spoil that dear gorgeous expensive watercolor paper ... So, if you want to discuss the topic :) i'm ok ! 
Pencil and watercolor on very cheap ...

I can't really work on certain themes or techniques i love, for the time being, and it's becoming a bit frustrating ...
Ink and watercolor on ...
Marissa and Raena : I've been trying to change the background of the blog and the color of the text in the messages, but it didn't work at all !! I almost lost all, so i've decided to keep it that way for some time, then i'll have another try !

Well, thanks so much for your commenting, joining, and visiting, i'm so glad to "meet" you.

Pencil and watercolor.

Nov 30, 2011

New EDM and some others

Hi all ! 

i've sketched a new EDM, #131 : a spray bottle. I'm afraid i've ruined the perspective of the top of the bottle ... but never mind, done it all the same ! Will do better next time.

The sketch of strawberry flowers has been made after a photo by Marylin, found on her blog, and with her kind permission to do so :
I intend to use the sketch for some paintings, when i move in my new home in Mars or April at last ! Though i fear this could be rather in May ...

And, to conclude, some little sketches of Italy too ... of course ! These were done a few years ago. I'm longing for a new trip over there, but as you know ... Italy is always on my mind ...

Wish you a gorgeous creative day,
thanks for your comments, visiting and support,

Nov 23, 2011

Some more animals ...

Hi everyone !

First, i deeply want to thank my new friends who have joined the blog, hope to add more articles, photos and links soon for you all. 

So, here are some more animals for the Sketchbook Challenge. Some are very classical, some a bit more weird, and one is not exactly an animal ... Will you accept it all the same ?

Well, i've decided to post the photo of my baby elephant, even if it's not over, indeed it's all white for the time being, because i don't exactly know how to finish it ! I'm okay for the color, but not for the places where to put it, to get realistic lights and shadows !!! (Must say it has been done completely from imagination, memories i guess, without any precise reference to look at, so don't know what to do !).
Any help will be welcome :)

By the way, i don't get time enough to try and change the color of the text, need to make several trials ... Sorry Marissa and Raena.


Wish you happy creative times, thanks for your comments, criticisms, questions, as usual.


Nov 12, 2011

First Try for the Sketchbook Challenge ...

Hi everyone !
Hope you're all doing well.
Here are some sketches of "imaginary animals", that i did as a first try for the November Sketchbook Challenge. (You can see the badge in the column on the right).
I've used different medias : ink, watercolor, pencils (some colored ones) and pens.
Many thanks for your comments, as usual.
Well, it seems that people find it a bit hard to read the blog in white. So, i'm thinking of changing the color of the text, or perhaps rather that of the background ... Will try several options, maybe tomorrow, thanks for your opinions too ! 
I've added some more links again, in my VIPs' section, hope you'll enjoy.
Thanks for visiting, have a gorgeous creative week !








Nov 7, 2011

New links, new photos and a question !

Roma, Italia, watercolor.
Hello everyone ! I've added some links to websites or blogs i love, hope you'll enjoy. Still lots to add !

Well, i've got a question about the photos of our work : what is the solution when we need to scan a work larger than the scanner window, that is A4 in general ? Are you all using your camera instead ? And if so, how do you get rid of reflections or shadows ? 

Toscana, Italia, watercolor.
Thanks very much for your help, and as always, any question, comment or criticism will be welcome ! Here are some Italian sketches,ciao tutti.

Venezia, Italia, watercolor and ink.
Doorbells in Italy.

Nov 1, 2011

Hello dear friends !
First, i want to thank and welcome all my new friends who have joined the blog these very first weeks :) 
How surprising to me, and soooo exciting and inspiring ! Will try not to disappoint you ... 
And, by the way, i'm very glad to discover your own blogs and sites too.
Then, i'd like to give you a link which i find useful as well as funny :

Hope it will work ...
It's a game, maybe you already know it, and the idea is to get enough rice for real hungry people in the world by playing a game on culture, paintings, etc. It's totally free, but each time you're right, you win some rice and then get a full bowl of it, then two, etc.
You just need to beware that the banner (for ads) works correctly, and this is not annoying at all, you almost don't see it.
There are vocabulary questions, but perhaps only in French ? I'm not sure. But for the paintings, it's ok for everyone, and very addictive especially when you can see the bowls filling up with rice !
Thanks again for passing by and for your support, feel free to leave your comments and/or questions, i'll be very glad to reply. Have a fantastic creative week !

Oct 24, 2011

Hi folks ! Back for some time ...

EDM #100+119
Moving from home to home is becoming a bit boring ! I'm longing to get all my art stuff back ... 
Well, in the meantime, i can at least post photos of old sketches, and try and work the Everyday Matters challenges with the few pencils and watercolors i have to hand, which i love.
You can find the link to Danny Gregory's website, blog and community in my VIPs gadget.
By the way, i forgot to say that my tries on "breakfast" were inspired by his work.

Will try to add more links and buttons these days.
See you soon, thanks for passing by and please feel free to leave any comment or question :)


Oct 9, 2011

Hi everyone !

Nothing new on the blog these days , because on holidays for a fortnight.
Will be back soon, hope to find the lightbox from Blogger back again too.

Have a very nice time, 
see you.

Sep 10, 2011

Some new sketches ... yippee !

Tonight i'm able to post some new sketches at last ! What a pleasure not to be glued to my laptop all day long !!  

So now, i'm catching up things on the blog.

 Will try to post on abstract and decorative painting soon, but to be honest, this will be tough job, because i'm moving from a region to another one, and all my art stuff is stocked in a furniture storage warehouse except for a few non cumbersome materials such as some pencils, watercolor and paper ... I'd like to publish photos of decorative works, but i'm afraid this won't be possible before Spring 2012.

Everyday life isnot a long, quiet river :) But as Italian people (cf. Federico Fellini) could say : "E la nave va", so let's go on and play !

Sep 8, 2011

Hello Folks !

Hello folks !
Just some more  watercolors, sketches or else, to try and feed the blog a bit ... 

I can't draw/paint a lot these days, which annoys me, but this week-end i will find my pencils and brushes back : my survival is at stake :) 
Will try to publish photos on decorative painting and abstract too, before declaring the official launch of the blog ! Lots of things are still missing, i'm working on them (links to web sites i love, for instance), and a few changes in the general layout are still to be made. But i'll try to get ready as soon as possible so that i can welcome you in the best possible manner ...

So, see you soon, can't wait to get your comments, criticisms, ideas, questions ... Have a very nice creative day !

  Landscape, South of France

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