Sep 10, 2011

Some new sketches ... yippee !

Tonight i'm able to post some new sketches at last ! What a pleasure not to be glued to my laptop all day long !!  

So now, i'm catching up things on the blog.

 Will try to post on abstract and decorative painting soon, but to be honest, this will be tough job, because i'm moving from a region to another one, and all my art stuff is stocked in a furniture storage warehouse except for a few non cumbersome materials such as some pencils, watercolor and paper ... I'd like to publish photos of decorative works, but i'm afraid this won't be possible before Spring 2012.

Everyday life isnot a long, quiet river :) But as Italian people (cf. Federico Fellini) could say : "E la nave va", so let's go on and play !

Sep 8, 2011

Hello Folks !

Hello folks !
Just some more  watercolors, sketches or else, to try and feed the blog a bit ... 

I can't draw/paint a lot these days, which annoys me, but this week-end i will find my pencils and brushes back : my survival is at stake :) 
Will try to publish photos on decorative painting and abstract too, before declaring the official launch of the blog ! Lots of things are still missing, i'm working on them (links to web sites i love, for instance), and a few changes in the general layout are still to be made. But i'll try to get ready as soon as possible so that i can welcome you in the best possible manner ...

So, see you soon, can't wait to get your comments, criticisms, ideas, questions ... Have a very nice creative day !

  Landscape, South of France

Sep 6, 2011

Italy, Italy ...

Hi everyone ! 

Time to post some sketches of Italy, the great passion of my life. Of course, there is the Italian myth, Romans and the foundation of our occidental world, but for me Italy in every aspect is totally gut-wrenching ... must have been Italian in a previous life :)


Anyway, here are some of my interpretations, very simple as usual, and i'll be very glad to read your comments and answer your questions, if any, as well as exchanging views on Italy with you.



Ciao tutti, a presto.

Sep 5, 2011

Hello everyone !

Still trying to improve and be efficient at creating my blog eh eh :) These are tough days, i don't even get time to sketch or paint any more ! Totally overwhelmed by HTML subtilities, and happy that the blog still be kind of secret, since not ready yet. Some other photos now, to try and feed the beast ... i mean the blog, of course !
Well, hope you'll enjoy, and thanks for your opinions, comments, questions if any, bye.

Sep 4, 2011

Hi again !

Some more photos of my raw sketching and watercolor, taking inspiration from everyday life.

Hi !

Well, this is the first post on the first blog i've ever had, so, still learning and trying to do my best ! 
Hope you'll enjoy these few pictures, and please, feel free to leave a comment.
See you soon, ciao !
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