Feb 4, 2015

Mayan Inspiration

Speaking of inspiration in my last post made me think of some paintings i've made, taking inspiration from the Mayan glyphs which i'm completely in love with !
Well, of course i'm not studying anthropology here, so my "glyphs" are just greatly inspired by the real fantastic Mayan glyphs, but they aren't really Mayan themselves !
These ones have been made on watercolor paper, with watercolors and pastels.

For the last one, i preferred to doodle over a textured background i had made first, thinking of the ancient walls where Mayan stones are found, engraved, painted, and naturally "distressed". My colors are rather flashy (like them that way too), so next time i'll have fun preparing earthy colors to have a change.

Hope you enjoy, any questions and comments most welcome. Keep in touch !

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