Apr 21, 2015


Hi all !
As there are plenty of old backgrounds left all over the studio after loads of experiments i made with new materials, media, mixing techniques from art journaling, scrapbooking, fine arts, etc. i've decided  to "recycle" them, using them to produce new sketches. 
What pleases me most in this technique, is that the backgrounds and the sketches are not meant to match in the first place, but mixing them eventually gives birth to new, unpredictable, happy "accident-sketches". 
It's so much fun, i can't stop playing that way these days ... Will add some others soon.
Hope you'll enjoy too. 
Will be glad to answer any question, thank you for your comments.
Cheers !

Feb 4, 2015

Mayan Inspiration

Speaking of inspiration in my last post made me think of some paintings i've made, taking inspiration from the Mayan glyphs which i'm completely in love with !
Well, of course i'm not studying anthropology here, so my "glyphs" are just greatly inspired by the real fantastic Mayan glyphs, but they aren't really Mayan themselves !
These ones have been made on watercolor paper, with watercolors and pastels.

For the last one, i preferred to doodle over a textured background i had made first, thinking of the ancient walls where Mayan stones are found, engraved, painted, and naturally "distressed". My colors are rather flashy (like them that way too), so next time i'll have fun preparing earthy colors to have a change.

Hope you enjoy, any questions and comments most welcome. Keep in touch !

Jan 28, 2015

Patterns and Repetition, and two give aways.

I've been asked a few questions by Sharon, who enjoyed one of my Charlie's sketches (the large one) and wanted to know if she could color it. I was so glad to answer "yes, of course, you can" ! It's really satisfying to get some feed back and feel we're all sharing moments of happiness through our little art pieces ...

So, let me try to answer Sharon's questions. 
That kind of sketches is mainly doodling. It's very relaxing, part of a "zen attitude", you become totally absorbed in the repetition of patterns, and it's very creative too, because you keep adding new patterns through the process, changing them into new ones, coloring them or not, adding shading and highlights or not, combining them in infinite ways, etc.

You can take inspiration from lots of different sources, such as :
_ Arts and crafts from different cultures (materials, tiles, pottery, quilting, tableware ...)
_ Everything you see in the street (windows, doors, iron gates, cables, tyres, garbage cans ...) or in your home !
_ Galleries, museums, and borrow motives from Great Masters such as Matisse, Picasso ...
_ Movies, magazines, books, internet ...
Once you begin, you won't be able to stop !

Internet is a huge Ali Baba's cave, of course. There are loads of amazing videos on Youtube, for example about fractals, that are so aesthetic (yes ! Believe me, i love them and i can say i'm far from being good at maths !), or about tangling, etc. You can find websites and blogs about doodling everywhere too, just google the words !

I never know where i'm going to begin a doodle, in the middle or at the edge. I can just feel it, the right time and the right place to do it. So, i take my pen and i begin, or rather "let it begin", "let it happen" ... As i said before, i'm completely absorbed in the process, so i don't even choose where to begin or what to draw first.
Maybe one tip could be to choose the pattern you like best, draw it and repeat it, then see what happens next ? Hope this can help a bit ... It's like surfing the wave ...

Thanks for asking me to post other similar sketches too. 
So, here are two give aways, you can all print and color if you want. Hope you'll enjoy them. Thank you for linking to my blog if you do so, and for commenting and/or subscribing.
Have a nice doodling time ! Can't wait to see your works !

Designed to be used to make a "fan" handmade card.

Jan 18, 2015

Hello everyone !

First, considering some reactions to the slogan "i am Charlie", i want to make clear that it doesn't mean we have the right to insult or despise any religion or anyone's faith and beliefs, in any way. It doesn't mean we agree with all Charlie's publications either. 
It means we just can't approve of using terror against humor.
Freedom of expression has undoubtedly to become more mature in France, and "religious neutrality" to get rid of that strong anticlericalism inherited from the French Revolution (Christians and Jews have ferociously been caricatured over the years too). 
Indeed, not only any religions are authorized, but all of them are even guaranteed by the State.

So now, let's speak of art again and let's hope all our sketches and paintings may bring a bit of light, joy, peace and love to the world !

If you want to improve your artistic skills, you may be interested in Sketchbook Skool. I've subscribed myself, and wanted to let you know about it. It's fun, and you can share your works with the group when you're done with an assignment. There are lots of different "teacher-artists", so you can explore loads of different styles. I'd just like to say that the six-week courses' rythm is quite demanding though, so if you can postpone some of your family obligations, house repairs, or else, it would be better !! 

Now, some sketches made using watercolors, color pencils, ink and/or acrylics. Hope you'll enjoy. 
Thanks for passing by and commenting, see you soon.

Jan 10, 2015

Hello again everyone !

Wish you all a very happy and creative new year !

As for today, i just feel like joining the huge protest in favor of light, tolerance and freedom, against darkness and hatred. 
May our paintings and drawings contribute to make the world a better place for each individual ...

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