Jan 26, 2012

Moving out / Moving in ...

Hi everyone !
Just a quick note to tell you that i've been busy busy moving out and going to my new region, though not yet in my new home. So, i keep on waiting for a place where to draw and paint and even get a good internet connection ... This could last several months, which would be very tough for me !
I miss you all and your blogs very much, hope to find you back sooner than expected, wish you beautiful artistic times :)


  1. Thanks for checking in, good luck getting settled.

  2. Ahh moving is so much fun, not... I know that stress and the whole time of waiting to get things back to some what normal again. I hope you get a place soon where you can get back to your creative place to be : ) best of luck!!!

  3. Thanks so much to both of you, i didn't even expect a reply to my poor uncreative post :))) Hope you're ok and i'll be able to connect better soon, to visit your blogs again, i miss you all sooooo much ! Thanks again :)


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