Jan 28, 2015

Patterns and Repetition, and two give aways.

I've been asked a few questions by Sharon, who enjoyed one of my Charlie's sketches (the large one) and wanted to know if she could color it. I was so glad to answer "yes, of course, you can" ! It's really satisfying to get some feed back and feel we're all sharing moments of happiness through our little art pieces ...

So, let me try to answer Sharon's questions. 
That kind of sketches is mainly doodling. It's very relaxing, part of a "zen attitude", you become totally absorbed in the repetition of patterns, and it's very creative too, because you keep adding new patterns through the process, changing them into new ones, coloring them or not, adding shading and highlights or not, combining them in infinite ways, etc.

You can take inspiration from lots of different sources, such as :
_ Arts and crafts from different cultures (materials, tiles, pottery, quilting, tableware ...)
_ Everything you see in the street (windows, doors, iron gates, cables, tyres, garbage cans ...) or in your home !
_ Galleries, museums, and borrow motives from Great Masters such as Matisse, Picasso ...
_ Movies, magazines, books, internet ...
Once you begin, you won't be able to stop !

Internet is a huge Ali Baba's cave, of course. There are loads of amazing videos on Youtube, for example about fractals, that are so aesthetic (yes ! Believe me, i love them and i can say i'm far from being good at maths !), or about tangling, etc. You can find websites and blogs about doodling everywhere too, just google the words !

I never know where i'm going to begin a doodle, in the middle or at the edge. I can just feel it, the right time and the right place to do it. So, i take my pen and i begin, or rather "let it begin", "let it happen" ... As i said before, i'm completely absorbed in the process, so i don't even choose where to begin or what to draw first.
Maybe one tip could be to choose the pattern you like best, draw it and repeat it, then see what happens next ? Hope this can help a bit ... It's like surfing the wave ...

Thanks for asking me to post other similar sketches too. 
So, here are two give aways, you can all print and color if you want. Hope you'll enjoy them. Thank you for linking to my blog if you do so, and for commenting and/or subscribing.
Have a nice doodling time ! Can't wait to see your works !

Designed to be used to make a "fan" handmade card.


  1. I always wondered if there was a plan first, I like the idea of taking inspiration from things you see. Great sketches in the previous post too!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Cathy ! I'm glad you enjoyed. Yes, it's fun, and when you begin, you can't stop taking notes for future uses !


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