Jan 30, 2016

Hello and a Happy New Year to you all ! ... quick before it's really too late !!

(Big Bug on Blogger : i can't choose the police properly. Sorry for that.)

I haven't been able to post sooner, but i hope i'll do more often from now on.
During all those months, i've sketched a lot, played mixed-media, crafted too, especially for Christmas, and i have tons of new projects for 2016 ... 
I just hope some kind of Cosmic Energy will accompany my own efforts to make some of my dreams come true !!

As usual, i'd like to share some infos with you. 
You now know i'm interested in different techniques, arts and crafts, i'm not of the "single-style-addict" kind, if i may say so. I've always sewn for example, as my mother and grandmothers did, and i've been very glad to use my sewing-machine again before Christmas.
Following are two of the ornaments i've made as little gifts, taking inspiration from a great blog, retro-mama.blogspot.com. 

So, here are :
1. The link to the page i've used as a reference : 
2. And the photos of my own versions of these adorable little fabric houses (sorry for the bad quality of the first pic) :

Of course, as a "jack of all trades", i'm a master of none !! But that's another story ...

I've decided to give my sketching a new impulse too, with the new session of SketchBook School, that i've already mentioned here.

I've just enjoyed a lot making a small accordion book, following Jill Weber's inspiration. You can find all about her, her beautiful lifestyle and art, on her blog : http://frajilfarms.tumblr.com/

Here's my small book, still a work in progress, but i'm ok with it, since the greatest challenge i had to take up was to find what to tell about, build a little story, and i eventually did it ! 
I'll add more pics when i'm over.


The story doesn't really appear yet at this step, but there's one, i swear ! I'll try to make some more close-ups next.
Of course, i'll be very pleased to explain my own process to those who ask, it's been quite simple in fact, just taking some more time than expected, because i've gathered lots of stuff from old sketches and projects that had to be resized, etc.

Well, i'll write again very soon, i've some more ideas and infos to share ...
Wish you lots of happy and creative days !

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