Sep 8, 2011

Hello Folks !

Hello folks !
Just some more  watercolors, sketches or else, to try and feed the blog a bit ... 

I can't draw/paint a lot these days, which annoys me, but this week-end i will find my pencils and brushes back : my survival is at stake :) 
Will try to publish photos on decorative painting and abstract too, before declaring the official launch of the blog ! Lots of things are still missing, i'm working on them (links to web sites i love, for instance), and a few changes in the general layout are still to be made. But i'll try to get ready as soon as possible so that i can welcome you in the best possible manner ...

So, see you soon, can't wait to get your comments, criticisms, ideas, questions ... Have a very nice creative day !

  Landscape, South of France


  1. Lovely lovely landscape! The colors flow together so well - makes me want to move into that sweet cottage!!

  2. Loool ! Thanks for your compliments Carol, i'm really glad you like it :)


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