Sep 6, 2011

Italy, Italy ...

Hi everyone ! 

Time to post some sketches of Italy, the great passion of my life. Of course, there is the Italian myth, Romans and the foundation of our occidental world, but for me Italy in every aspect is totally gut-wrenching ... must have been Italian in a previous life :)


Anyway, here are some of my interpretations, very simple as usual, and i'll be very glad to read your comments and answer your questions, if any, as well as exchanging views on Italy with you.



Ciao tutti, a presto.


  1. What a beautiful Italian home! What size is your original and did you work from memory or a photo? How in the world do you get your pen strokes so pure!! Love the brick windows and the shading you've done!

  2. Thanks very much Carol ! Well, in fact, these are ancient watercolors, rather small (about A6 to A5), some of them are purely imaginative, from memories, otherwise yes, i use photographs from my stays over there. "See" you soon.

  3. I love all your warm Italian colours.
    Welcome to EDM, a presto!


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