Oct 24, 2011

Hi folks ! Back for some time ...

EDM #100+119
Moving from home to home is becoming a bit boring ! I'm longing to get all my art stuff back ... 
Well, in the meantime, i can at least post photos of old sketches, and try and work the Everyday Matters challenges with the few pencils and watercolors i have to hand, which i love.
You can find the link to Danny Gregory's website, blog and community in my VIPs gadget.
By the way, i forgot to say that my tries on "breakfast" were inspired by his work.

Will try to add more links and buttons these days.
See you soon, thanks for passing by and please feel free to leave any comment or question :)



  1. excellent! Love that top landscape!

  2. Thank you so much Raena :) So happy you enjoyed it !

  3. Welcome to EDM! Love your artwork and use of earthy colors. =) Very organic and natural. The page design is awesome!

  4. Thank you very much Alex ! You're a very good drawer, i love your sketches, see you soon on EDM :)

  5. wonderful works! I'm sorry you're stuck in the moving process- I wish I kept up my art when I was moving :) can't wait to see more of your work

  6. Thanks so much for your kind comment Bei ! When did you move ? Wish to see more of your work soon too :)


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