Nov 1, 2011

Hello dear friends !
First, i want to thank and welcome all my new friends who have joined the blog these very first weeks :) 
How surprising to me, and soooo exciting and inspiring ! Will try not to disappoint you ... 
And, by the way, i'm very glad to discover your own blogs and sites too.
Then, i'd like to give you a link which i find useful as well as funny :

Hope it will work ...
It's a game, maybe you already know it, and the idea is to get enough rice for real hungry people in the world by playing a game on culture, paintings, etc. It's totally free, but each time you're right, you win some rice and then get a full bowl of it, then two, etc.
You just need to beware that the banner (for ads) works correctly, and this is not annoying at all, you almost don't see it.
There are vocabulary questions, but perhaps only in French ? I'm not sure. But for the paintings, it's ok for everyone, and very addictive especially when you can see the bowls filling up with rice !
Thanks again for passing by and for your support, feel free to leave your comments and/or questions, i'll be very glad to reply. Have a fantastic creative week !


  1. Hi Clem, Just love the little village painting with all it's blues.

  2. Beautiful drawings! I am not sure if it's coincidental but I love the sky blue you used in them and all other tones. Great work

  3. Thanks so much Clare and Alex :) I'm so glad to share with you and you enjoy ! Thanks for passing.

  4. great sketches, and the blues are lovely :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your blog on EDM

  6. Beautiful sketches!

  7. Thanks very much Bei, Mary and Rebecca :) Your encouragements are so important for me ! And it's a pleasure to share on EDM, i'm so grateful you visit my blog ! Can't wait to see yours too !

  8. These are lovely sketches, great work!


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