Dec 8, 2011

Last sketches !

Watercolor on very cheap drawing paper.
Hi everyone ! 
I've been very busy these times preparing my next moving in, so couldn't paint and draw as i would have liked to ... But here are some new sketches, no peculiar theme or challenge, hope you'll enjoy.
I've been willing to say for some time already, that i'm using very cheap drawing paper, bought at the supermarket, to sketch and even watercolor. It's not always the case, but i've got to these weeks, and i find it's quite convenient to lead (risky) experiments !
That way, i never fear to spoil that dear gorgeous expensive watercolor paper ... So, if you want to discuss the topic :) i'm ok ! 
Pencil and watercolor on very cheap ...

I can't really work on certain themes or techniques i love, for the time being, and it's becoming a bit frustrating ...
Ink and watercolor on ...
Marissa and Raena : I've been trying to change the background of the blog and the color of the text in the messages, but it didn't work at all !! I almost lost all, so i've decided to keep it that way for some time, then i'll have another try !

Well, thanks so much for your commenting, joining, and visiting, i'm so glad to "meet" you.

Pencil and watercolor.


  1. Cheap paper or not, I like the little watercolour sketch of the house in the rolling hills.
    Very cute!! I use very cheap sketching paper at best of times, or I would go bust very fast. And besides, not all arts materials have to cost a lot to work or be good.

  2. Love all of your pieces here.
    All the best for your shift.

  3. Lovely sketches, good luck with the move!

  4. It's always interesting making experiments with different kinds of paper, even the cheapest ones! I've just tried a pretty good paper in rolls bought at an IKEA supermarket (it has proved a good one for oil pastels!), and I know an Italian sketcher, Gabriele Orlando, who often uses the paper normally used to wrap shoes in their boxes, with very interesting effects (and yes, the sense of freedom given by a cheap kind of paper is very important!).

  5. Thanks so much Mari :) Yes, i agree with you about art material !
    Thank you Marilyn :) For your support and about the shift !
    Thanks Cathy :) For everything :)
    Thank you Lucia for your long detailed comment :) It is really interesting, thanks for sharing your views and tips !

  6. Hello Clem. Thank you for visiting my blog and you nice comments--especially since they led me here, to see your charming watercolors. Sometimes working on inexpensive paper can be quite freeing--and can also produce good results, as you have!

  7. Thank you so much for passing by and your very kind comment, Laura :) Very glad you enjoy my watercolors, i do like your art too :)


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