Nov 30, 2011

New EDM and some others

Hi all ! 

i've sketched a new EDM, #131 : a spray bottle. I'm afraid i've ruined the perspective of the top of the bottle ... but never mind, done it all the same ! Will do better next time.

The sketch of strawberry flowers has been made after a photo by Marylin, found on her blog, and with her kind permission to do so :
I intend to use the sketch for some paintings, when i move in my new home in Mars or April at last ! Though i fear this could be rather in May ...

And, to conclude, some little sketches of Italy too ... of course ! These were done a few years ago. I'm longing for a new trip over there, but as you know ... Italy is always on my mind ...

Wish you a gorgeous creative day,
thanks for your comments, visiting and support,


  1. Hi Clem, wonderful sketches, I love them all, and thanks for the link to my blog. Your strawberry flowers are lovely.

  2. For me I would not have noticed anything wrong with the perspective, if you had not pointed it out... And I still dont see anything wrong with it, its more like a cool urban sketch : )

    I really like the first sketch from Italy, I like it that you left the buildings in B/W and only coloured in the people, really neat contrast yet they work so well together.

  3. Lovely sketches Clem, the spray bottle looks great!

  4. Thank you so much Marilyn :) Very glad you enjoyed !
    Thank you very much Mari :) Have laughed loud at your comment, about the perspective !
    And thanks, Debra and Cathy, for your kind comments too :)

  5. Clem the spraybottle looks great! It took me a very long time to figure out what you were pointing out about the perspective too. And lovely strawberry flowers :) wonderful style in your Italy sketches..oohh I need to draw

  6. Love all these sketches - especially the last one!

  7. Thanks very much Bei :) I'm glad you liked my little sketches, i like yours too !
    Thanks so much Marancat :) Like the last one too !


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