Nov 12, 2011

First Try for the Sketchbook Challenge ...

Hi everyone !
Hope you're all doing well.
Here are some sketches of "imaginary animals", that i did as a first try for the November Sketchbook Challenge. (You can see the badge in the column on the right).
I've used different medias : ink, watercolor, pencils (some colored ones) and pens.
Many thanks for your comments, as usual.
Well, it seems that people find it a bit hard to read the blog in white. So, i'm thinking of changing the color of the text, or perhaps rather that of the background ... Will try several options, maybe tomorrow, thanks for your opinions too ! 
I've added some more links again, in my VIPs' section, hope you'll enjoy.
Thanks for visiting, have a gorgeous creative week !









  1. These all great, but my favourite is the one with five chickens (one might be the rooster), I just like the whimsical and reminds me of a Swedish illustrators work that I liked as a kid.

    Again, a lot of fun colours!!

    Mari from colourblob

  2. Thanks Mari for your so nice comment ! It is a wonderful encouragement for me, i'm really glad you enjoyed :)

  3. These are so cool! I love how the colors just mix and come together just right

  4. Wow, Clem! These are all so fantastic! I'm partial to the chickens too!

    Thanks for your inquiry about my not posting for so long. I'm going to post today...I've promised myself!

  5. Hi Clem, You've been busy! These are fabulous. I like the piggy and the parrot and the chickens.......& cows, What th' heck, I like all of them.

  6. Thanks Alex, so glad you like the colors, i'm trying you know :)
    Thanks Sue, Raena and Ann, you help me get more self-confidence ! (Raena, i'm going to change the color of the text soon, and can't wait to see your new post :) ).
    Thanks so much Clare for your funny compliment, i'm glad you liked my little "pets" :)

  7. These are all just wonderful! I love the whimsical ones, and the others are splendid. You have a very original style and I think it's just so rich! nancy

  8. Thanks so much Nancy :) Your comment is sooo lovely ... must be dreaming ! Thanks, thanks, thanks :)

  9. Thanks Debra ! Very glad you enjoyed :)

  10. Great work, I really like the butterfly type creature!

  11. I love these paintings, Clem

  12. Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

    Thanks for share,

    ¤ Rio Prasetyo ¤

  13. Thank you very much Sadeu and Prasetyo ! Will be very glad to discover your works too :)


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