Nov 23, 2011

Some more animals ...

Hi everyone !

First, i deeply want to thank my new friends who have joined the blog, hope to add more articles, photos and links soon for you all. 

So, here are some more animals for the Sketchbook Challenge. Some are very classical, some a bit more weird, and one is not exactly an animal ... Will you accept it all the same ?

Well, i've decided to post the photo of my baby elephant, even if it's not over, indeed it's all white for the time being, because i don't exactly know how to finish it ! I'm okay for the color, but not for the places where to put it, to get realistic lights and shadows !!! (Must say it has been done completely from imagination, memories i guess, without any precise reference to look at, so don't know what to do !).
Any help will be welcome :)

By the way, i don't get time enough to try and change the color of the text, need to make several trials ... Sorry Marissa and Raena.


Wish you happy creative times, thanks for your comments, criticisms, questions, as usual.



  1. cute sketches, I like how the colors mix together! Any chance the elephant could be pink? And your animal sketches from your previous post are all so lovely too! but I'm partial to the lion :)

  2. Where have I been? Your blog is terrific. I really like the troll and mouse. Something about the loose style that is pleasing.

  3. How about a pink elephant? Love the mouse!

  4. Love these animals and your illustrations =) They are so much fun to look at

  5. Thanks so much Bei :) I like my lion too ! Will think about that pink elephant :)
    Thank you so much Sandra :) Your comment is sooo kind !
    Thanks so much Cathy :) Glad you enjoyed the mouse !
    Thank you so much Alex, happy you find them funny !

  6. These are fun - so many creative animals, so prolific! The elephant is great. I like the blending of color in the mouse and creature above it to the right.

  7. Thanks very much for your lovely comment, Dan :) Love your favicon !


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