Nov 7, 2011

New links, new photos and a question !

Roma, Italia, watercolor.
Hello everyone ! I've added some links to websites or blogs i love, hope you'll enjoy. Still lots to add !

Well, i've got a question about the photos of our work : what is the solution when we need to scan a work larger than the scanner window, that is A4 in general ? Are you all using your camera instead ? And if so, how do you get rid of reflections or shadows ? 

Toscana, Italia, watercolor.
Thanks very much for your help, and as always, any question, comment or criticism will be welcome ! Here are some Italian sketches,ciao tutti.

Venezia, Italia, watercolor and ink.
Doorbells in Italy.


  1. Great watercolour...I want to live there!
    I photograph outside, not in direct sunlight. You need to experiment to find just the right place with the right light.

  2. Thanks Cathy :) I'm very glad you enjoyed ! And thanks for your idea, will try in my new home next summer ...

  3. Simply lovely watercolor drawings =)

  4. Hi Clem!
    Thank you for the invitation to peek into your artistic world! I love your watercolors.
    I agree with Cathy about outdoor photos. I have had success in shade and direct sun (my art journal) but must admit that my daughter is usually my photographer.

  5. Thank you so much Alex :)
    And thank you, Patricia, for visiting, i'm so glad you enjoy. Thanks for your contribution to my light/shadow issue too :)

  6. I love your artwork. It's beautiful and pleasantly light. I have enjoyed opening each picture and looking at it in depth. It's hard to read your blog thought, because of the white getting lost on the background. Thought you'd like that feedback too.

  7. Thanks so much Marissa for your lovely comment and your feed back too ! Was wondering about it, will perhaps ask others and try new colors ? Thanks again :)

  8. Hi Clem! Great watercolors! You're so lucky to be in Italy, my mother-in-law got to visit there last year (but she got a great deal on a time share.) I'm lazy so I just snap a pic with my phone of my sketch no matter what size, and email it to myself and crop/edit the lighting as needed with a photo editing program

  9. Thanks Bei :) And thanks for telling how you atke your photos, but my phone is too old to do so ! Some day, perhaps :)

  10. Lovely colourful drawings and paintings!!! For my own blog pictures, I would love to use my scaner, if I only could get it to work (it only prints..grrrrr) Other wise, I take pictures, and I find natural outside light is the best (not spot on sunlight), and it that does not work I use natural light bulbs (daylight) for inside light, again nothing right on top of the picture and it has worked most of the time.


    Mari from Colourblob

  11. Thanks very much Mari ! And thanks a lot for your detailed explanations about your taking photographs, i'll try the daylight bulbs soon, not right on top of the pictures :)

  12. Great work and so nice to see you're posting! I do agree with Marissa with the background/font color. The white is difficult to read.

    I take pictures of my larger work outside, in a shady spot so there are no 'hotspots' on the artwork. The trick to taking photos inside, is balancing the light, and using the right bulbs. (None of which I have accomplished as of yet!) That said, I'm usually lazy so make sure I do all of my work to fit my scanner! :D

  13. Thanks so much Raena :) Ok then, seems that i have to choose another color for the text ! Vox populi ! Thanks for your view on photos too, it's great to get all your opinions, really.


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